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You won't have to be my heaven

I won't have to be your friend

The Last Guardian of Anwat Gar
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Let me take the fall, let me take the blame.
Let me carry you from hell to home again.

Let me walk for you when your legs are weak.
Let me find the words for you when you can't speak.

Let me take the blows that were meant for you.
Let me help you with the trials you're going through.

Let me keep you safe from the world outside.
Let me wipe away the tears that fill your eyes.

Let me keep you from experience you need.
Let me bind you with my selfishness and greed.

Let me stifle you, let me have control.
Let me smother every aspect of your soul.

Let me be your
Let me be your
Let me take away the pain you feel
Let me be the
That guides your way through darkest night

Let me be your armor.

Ardorius's PokéPet

Doomfire the level 35 Houndoom!

Somehow, I doubt you can adequately give a good impression of who someone is in a pixelated box full of HTML.

If you know me, then you know who I am. You know the abyssal depth, the penumbral dark, the radiant light, the unbridled anger, the silver sorrow, the quiet joy, the tearful regret, the immovable steel, the gentle silk, the unshakable stubbornness, the wide-eyes eagerness, the soul-searching introversion, the tactless verbosity, the lackadaisical smile, and ultimately the unknown way the path of the future will turn.

If you don't, I doubt I'll add you as a friend. You've really got to be somebody... something worth knowing. More than just hormones, more than self-loathing, more than 99.99% of the drivel that permeates and oozes down the virtual walls here in LiveJournal.

You are more than the sum of your parts.

My first love.


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